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Monkey playing with infant
  • Title: Monkey playing with infant
  • ID: 248
  • Created: N/A
Chameleons in Delhi India Zoo
  • Title: Chameleons in Delhi India Zoo
  • ID: 701
  • Created: N/A
Agra Fort and Taj Mahal
  • Title: Agra Fort and Taj Mahal
  • ID: 293
  • Created: N/A
Cars and Auto parts in an Auto Expo
  • Title: Cars and Auto parts in an Auto Expo
  • ID: 232
  • Created: N/A
Washington Street Architectures
  • Title: Washington Street Architectures
  • ID: 675
  • Created: N/A
Crocodile in Zoo of New Delhi
  • Title: Crocodile in Zoo of New Delhi
  • ID: 750
  • Created: N/A

Imagecourt: stock photo company with a difference

Imagecourt ensures that all the images that you get are cleaned up before they are presented to you. So, all our images have vibrant colors and razor sharp resolution. Indeed when you buy stock photography from Imagecourt you can rest assure that there would not be any issue about the technical perfection? Unlike the stock photography that is on sale on other platform Imagecourt stock photos are always in RGB so they are ready to print on offset printing press or your office DeskJet printer. The colors come lively on high resolution photos of Imagecourt.

What is unique to Imagecourt is its assurance that we will provide you the right stock image even if you have by mistake bought and downloaded a wrong image. Let me explain suppose you buy and download the image of Taj Mahal from Imagecourt shot in the daylight. But when you sit down and work at your artwork and design you feel you would be better off with the picture of Taj Mahal shot at night. What do you do? Buy another picture? Certainly not. With image court you don’t have to do that just drop us an email stating why you would like to replace the image and fill an undertaking form to delete the image previously bought from your system. We will review your statement and send a link to you from where you can download the new picture that you want (of the same size).

Imagecourt is stock photography company with a difference. It has high-resolution images in its stock which are carefully curated to meet the needs of the professionals as well as the armatures. These pictures are best suited for their projects, designs, and artworks. Imagecourt departs from the other stock photo companies in the way these images are collected, processed and displayed.

Imagecourt does not get its high-resolution photos from the unspecified sources or from the people who do not have any experience in photography. Imagecourt stock photos come from a few reliable professional photographers. They have years of experience behind them in clicking stock photography images. These contributing photographers go through a rigorous program of screening and assessment of their skills before their work is displayed on the website. These photographers are then given assignments based on their preferences and skills. So a fashion photographer enrolled with Imagecourt would not be contributing stock photography on say, wildlife or a photographer whose expertise is in shooting people would not contribute under travel & tourism section.

Working with a group of trusted photographers has its other advantages as well. They are reliable and trustworthy. So no image is clicked without the consent of the person or the owner of the premises. In most other stock photography companies the contributors’ word is taken as the ultimate truth. It is not cross-checked. No effort is made to authenticate the validity of the claim. Imagecourt photographers work on exclusive assignments. Imagecourt stock photography itself procures the model release and property release before assigning the work to the photographer. Thus our model release and property release certifications are genuine and can be cross-checked at any time. We go the extra mile so that our customers do not face any legal hassles afterward.

Many a time the images presented in the stock photo websites are not even what they claim to be. They are often manipulated and photoshopped while the images at Imagecourt are not meddled with. Only minor corrections such as brightness, contrast, color tone cropping are made.

Yet another difference Imagecourt stock photo company has is in its terms of use. Imagecourt gives you full liberty the way you can use its high-resolution images. Most stock image companies put restrictions on the use and where the image can be used. They even limit the time period for which the high-resolution image can be used. We at Imagecourt stock photos understand that such restrictions are not only unethical but also impractical. We believe that once the image is sold it should be the property of the buyer and the seller, that is the stock photo website, should not have any hold over it. That’s why we give you the image for eternity. Use it as many times as you want wherever you want and the way you want. The only condition is – ‘do not sell it’. Isn’t that fair enough? So here we are all decked up to serve you.  Browse our site and find those high resolution images you are looking for!